Dr. Reckendorfer & Partners International Consulting Pte. Ltd. has successfully built partnerships based on common values, goals, and interests with businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Our partner network is available through recommendation only, a vetting process is required for all members wanting to join. Taking great care to ensure our intranet contains only quality projects.

Dr. Reckendorfer & Partners Consulting Pte. Ltd. makes use of its close and long-standing relationships with local governments and companies in the country we operate in to provide unparalleled value and insight for our clients and partners.

Our Mission


We aim to provide our partners with a very extensive network spanning across a wide variety of industries, a network that is otherwise difficult to access.

Furthermore, we strive to provide a unified and stress-free service to our partners, ensuring that every detail taking care of. Dr. Reckendorfer & Partners Consulting Pte. Ltd. will accomplish the tasks required for your project to achieve outstanding success.

Our Values


Fairness and transparency are at the core of everything we do. Partnerships should provide meaningful value and mutual benefit both business parties. Furthermore, we respect the cultures and customs of the lands our businesses operate in.